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Monday, May 2, 2011


Who's lying and cheating now? Yes, that's what I said. Why did he have to do that? Men can be vicious, sometimes they're just lying for the hell of it. Let me give you an example. He stayed out all night long, when he did get home; he was broke, dingy and disgusting. It was payday, Friday. Hey where were you all night long? "Oh I was out with Minister Tommy." "Minister who; all night long? What were you doing hanging out with another man, all night? We were at the club, shooting pool. Okay, so where's my money? Uh!!, I'm sorry, but I lost it. It must have slipped out my pocket. What the hell, now do you see what I mean? Okay you ask, why does it have to be a man, lying and cheating all the time. Well, I'll tell you; that was a personal experience. Now women, oh they sure enough can tell lies and cheat. Let me tell you a story. My friend Alice went out to a baby shower with the girls. She didn't brake day, but came strolling in about 2:30 a.m. Now you ask what kind of baby shower was that? This is how the story went down; everyone was having a good time, laughing and enjoying the friends and family. It was getting late, I stayed and helped clean up. I was feeling tired, so I dozed off, when I woke up it was about 2 a.m. and decided to just come straight home. How does that sound for openers? Let me tell you, girlfriend was all wired up, her cloths were all ruffled up and she wasn't smelling so sweet. Now we know anything is possible, could she have been telling the truth? Wouldn't you really like to know. Well things didn't get any better from that point, about six months later we separated. She was about to have another baby, 7 months pregnant and no it wasn't mine. Go figure, you see she was a big liar and a cheater.
Getting back to those men, Jimmy had been a good man, he had his vices. He was a former drug dealer and user. When I met him, I was fully aware of his background. He seemed to have it together, we had been dating for about a year and decided to get married. I already had grown children, so one weekend I took a trip to visit my daughter. I invited my husband to go, but he declined. We enjoyed a wonderful weekend, it was my granddaughter's first birthday, now you know I wasn't going to miss that. It was time to go home, I had spoken to my husband a few times, while we were there. Everything seemed to be fine, but the cat was out the bag now. When I got home, Jimmy was missing in action. I started making a few calls, but nobody knew where he was. When I did see him the next day, he was looking crazy , he was broke and yes telling lies. Finally, he confessed and said he was using again. What else could go wrong. My mother-n-law had been sick off and on for the past year. This time she was in the hospital and the doctors were saying that it didn't look so good. We had lost grandma about a year before. So many things wre racing through my mind. I needed to think straight, I started asking questions about momma's life insurance. You guessed it he lied again, something told me to check it out myself, low and behold it had lapsed and hadn't be paid in the past three months. I immediately, sent in the full payment and about one month later, momma was gone. Lying and cheating is a lousy game to play. We should love and care more about ourselves and love ones. "Don't You Be A Liar & Cheater"